my newsroom obsession is getting kind of weird.

If you’ve listened to the critics about The Newsroom and abstained, you should listen to me instead and just go watch it. It’s not that its detractors don’t have a point sometimes, it’s just that the show is so good anyway — and getting better. This week’s episode took place the night Osama bin Laden was killed, and while it had its earnest moments and its treacly moments, it was also quite funny.

  • MacKenzie (Emily Mortimer, known Brit) said the word “BlackBerry,” and I had to rewatch it about ten times, because it came out as blackbury and I died the first nine times around.
  • There was a Joe Biden joke that is probably my favorite TV joke of 2012 so far.
  • Will (Jeff Daniels) and Jim (John Gallagher, Jr.) played guitar.
  • WHY IS THIS SHOW MAKING ME LIKE OLIVIA MUNN? I don’t know, but it is. Her character (Sloan) is quickly becoming half of the show’s second-best will-they-won’t-they. (Will and MacKenzie are the best. Maggie and Jim are the third-best, and it is a distant third. They are annoying.) I won’t spoil who Sloan’s other half is, because when they have a moment in episode six, you will immediately be like, I SHIP THIS SO HARD, and I wouldn’t want to deprive you of that moment. Sorkin will probably wait until season eleven to get Will and MacKenzie together and until season nineteen to have Maggie and Jim kiss, but I kind of expect that these two will hit the sheets HBO-style by season’s end.
  • This GIF happened: [WTF, WordPress, why isn’t it playing? Ugh, just click it.]


  • Before they went on the air, MacKenzie said, “Do it for me, Will,” into his ear in a way that somehow sounded dirtier than anything in season one of Girls.
  • Really, the only thing this episode was missing was a gratuitous scene in which MacKenzie ties an incapacitated Will’s tie for him and has to stand REAL CLOSE to do so. Like I said — gratuitous. MAYBE IT’LL BE ON THE DVD.

If you like good things, and especially if you are good at making GIFs or photosets, please start watching this show. And then send me links to all your fanart.