About Suri’s Burn Book

Suri’s Burn Book: Well-Dressed Commentary from Hollywood’s Little Sweetheart will be published by Running Press in the fall of 2012.

Suri’s Burn Book is a satirical blog, criticizing celebrity children, families, and sometimes just pregnant women, from the harsh perspective of Suri Cruise, the five-year-old daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Since its inception in July 2011, it has amassed a following of people who are in on the joke – that, at the end of the day, these are just little kids who were born (or adopted from exotic orphanages) into privilege and celebrity.

The book will be Suri’s completely new, completely definitive guide to the families of Hollywood, and no one will be spared. Some of the book will be similar in style to the blog — think snappy captions and photos of poorly-dressed children — while other entries will be longer diatribes on Suri’s outlook on life, fame, and Cruz Beckham. (And there will be 100 full-color photos! Including one of Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, and Tina Fey’s hipster daughter!)

On a personal note, I am very excited (and kind of terrified) to put this book — and my name on this book — out there. You know, in the world. And Amazon.com. On the blog, if you all don’t think something is funny, I just try to write funnier the next day. But there’s only one book, and if there is a typo in there … somebody better get me a room at Cirque Lodge, because I’ll be going off the deep end in a real way.

If you have other questions, you can email me at surisburnbook [at] gmail [dot] com.

36 thoughts on “About Suri’s Burn Book

  1. Definitely buying that book! I read Suri’s Burn Book every single day. I am wondering, are there any legal issues surrounding using her name and all the photos of said poorly dressed celebrity children?

    • I was wondering the same thing, how can you publish a book using a child’s name, one that isn’t yours!!! I love the blog, just do not understand how you cannot be sued for everything you own.

  2. Congrats! Love taking a break during the day to pop over to your tumblr & always rave about your blog to my friends.

  3. I really enjoy reading Suri’s Burn Book. But I’m so curious: did you have to get some sort of permission from the Cruises for this book to be published?

  4. I have never been so excited for a book in my life – you’re amazing and hilarious. I literally check your site everyday, because it makes me laugh so hard. My mom has been asking for months, “Who is the girl that writes this? She is so damn funny! I need to know who it is!” LOL. Congrats!! All the best, Caitlin

  5. Love Suri’s Burn Book! We’ve all wondered around the office who was the one coming up with those great comments that “Suri” makes and now glad to put a face with the blog! Read it everyday and congrats on your success!

  6. Congratulations on your blog and a successful book. Wow you look so much like what I imagine a grownup Suri Cruise would look like!

  7. Got to Surisburnbook through nylonmag.com. It’s nice to “meet” the creator after many a laugh and forwards to my friends. Thanks for the jollies and keep it up! btw how is Suri not going to sue? They agreed to let you use their identities? Dish! :)

  8. You are amazing. Agreed that it is nice to “meet” the “ghostwriter” who shares all of my opinions on who’s worthy of attention and who’s over-rated. Looking forward to buying the book!

  9. Ever since i was introduced to your blog, it has become my greatest guilty pleasure. i find myself checking back all day to see what is new. It has also become a regular conversation topic and reason for many laughing fits for my salon coworkers and I. We can not wait to buy ur book. Im a fan for life!

  10. I haven’t been this excited since the first time I came across this blog! *squeee!!*

    I’d like to take full credit for the passing on of the passing on of the passing on to the person who is publishing your book. I mean, I have passed it along to some pretty important people.


    Can’t wait to read!!

  11. I have been reading SBB for a year, and I have sent its link to so many of my friends.

    You are hilarious.

    Thanks so much for all the laughs.

    Good luck with the publication.

  12. I am kinda happy but sad too at now knowing who “suri” is!
    Anyways love the blog brightens up my day in rainy Scotland! Book will be fabulous!!

  13. Can’t wait for the book to come out, just pre-ordered 2! Hope to see even more from you in the future, you put a smile on my face with every entry.

  14. Allie, Congratulations on the book! I am about to buy a copy. Are you sure you’re not a close relative of Nicole Hollander? Like her Sylvia, I hope you remain “jaded yet oddly hopeful.”

  15. I’ve been reading since last fall. Your blog is my all time fav (hysterical, witty, addicting & spot on) ! I’m a teacher and have the summer off so yesterday I had to catch up on what I’ve missed (not sitting at a desk per usual). Just wanted to congratulate you on your book (I’m buying) & thank you for the laughs. keep writing !

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  17. Pingback: There is something about Suri … / Au pays de Suri. | Ismaeroplane

  18. Can’t wait to read your book! You’re awesome, love love love your blog. It’s like Christmas when I check in and find new posts!

  19. My mother, your grandmother always said Allie would be literary because you were writing her 4 page articulate letters at 8 years old. Receive copy of Suri’s Burn Book Friday from Amazon, took it to a dinner party last night and it became a commandeered hostess gift. They loved it

    • That’s so sweet, Tom. We found some of her letters to us girls last Christmas and read them aloud. Glad you and your friends are enjoying the book!

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