halloween 2013-???

I have way more Halloween costume ideas than opportunities to dress up for Halloween. This year, I was McKayla Maroney, an idea I had long before the rest of Christendom had the exact same idea. BOO. Anyway, I’ve already moved on to next year and beyond. Here are my ideas for the future.

Katniss and a Trackerjacker. This involves me wearing a Katniss costume (I like this idea because I would be warm and comfortable, and also I would get to carry a bow and arrow) and Freckles wearing a bee costume for a dog. Only a good idea if I’m going to a party where dogs are invited; otherwise, probably too popular. Everyone wants to see a dog in a bee costume.

Eliza Doolittle at the Embassy Ball. Maybe this is just what I want to look like at my wedding? Yes, gloves and hair and all.

Dr. Jill Biden. I don’t know what this costume would look like, but I just love her.

Taylor Swift. A girl can pretend for one night a year. This one is all about the challenge of finding the perfect wig.

Undead-Downton Abbey. Lavinia already looked like a vampire. (My mom thought season one was going to end with the surprise twist that they were ALL dead already.)

Mary Poppins (again). I was Mary Poppins for Halloween at least once as a child, and often just on random Tuesdays. But I never had this dress, which will have to be rectified at some point in my life.

Sally Draper. Maybe I just want go-go boots.


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