the cover of my book is PINK.

I’m a little obsessed with the cover of Suri’s Burn Book. It’s so sassy and sweet — and then that old-school-Suri dig at Shiloh’s expense. That was the first joke I ever wrote for the blog! And it’s still right there at the top of the page. The folks at Running Press did a great job on the book design; now I can’t wait for everyone to see what’s inside!

My excitement level (and my appreciation of pink) can really only be compared to the ball of elation that is Sophia Grace in this video, at around 1:20:

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5 thoughts on “the cover of my book is PINK.

  1. Love the cover. I’ve been slow on my blog reading lately so I just discovered that you are the author of Suri’s Burn Book and I’m so excited to learn that you are right here in my very own city AND that you love the West Wing just about as much as I do! It’s one of the reasons I moved here too, lol. Anyways love your blog and I’m excited to read this one!

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